Clear Marbles

Cats Eye Marbles

Cats Eye Marbles

Cat’s eye marbles are one of the most popular for children to play with and to buy online or in stores. Cats are two toned style with a swirl which makes them attractive to look at and even collect.

They are the most common type of marble, usually found in small bags for children to start being able to play the game of marbles. They are typically clear, with either a red, green, or yellow swirl within.

These marbles are usually ¼ of an inch in size, and come with a larger ball to shoot at. This larger marble will also feature a cat eye design.

Games to play with Cat Eye Marbles:

Bridgeboard – A bridgeboard is a board with holes cut out that the player will try to get their marbles through. The aim of the game is to roll the marbles though a hole. Each hole has a number of points the player will earn – and the number will be the number of marbles that player wins off the other players. Example: If the number was 6, and 4 people were playing, the player would take 3 marbles off each player.

Hundreds – This is another popular game for marble players, the game is like a very basic game of golf. The players try to get their marbles into a hole, if both succeeds – the game starts again, if one player gets their marble into the hole, but the other doesn’t, He wins his friends marble. The hole used in this game is much bigger than the one used in golf, usually up to 1 foot or 12 inches wide.

When allowing children to play with marbles, always supervise as they are dangerous shape and shape object for children to use.