Clear Marbles

Marbles Wholesale

Marbles Wholesale

Buying Marbles Wholesale means you can often grab a bargain at a much cheaper price. Buying wholesale is great for collectors or owners of shops who wish to go on and resale the marbles at a greater price increasing the profit of the business instantly.

Clear marbles are made out of glass and are very popular. Clear glass marbles are made from sulphide.

The best place to buy marbles wholesale is china – there are now many websites where you can reach Chinese businesses directly, and as long as the order is large (usually over 50 items), you can get a considerable discount.

You must remember when ordering from china or any country, you will be subject to import duty and tax. Always check on the website to see the postage and packages costs and if unsure look up the post office website and see how much it will cost to import the goods from the country it is ordered from to your own home town.

Delivery prices from countries such as china can also be very high – always try to source your marbles from the country you live. Many larger companies based in your country could have placed an order much bigger then you – and may be able to offer you a price better than if you tried to import the marbles yourself.

The benefit of buying wholesale if you are a collector is that you get a large amount of marbles as a batch for a cheaper price. Wholesale is also a great idea if you children enjoy playing marbles as you could split up the set and give the child a few sets for each occasion such as birthdays and Christmas.